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🎵 Gigzilla

🎵 Gigzilla

A booking platform for musicians to book gigs and venues to book musicians

1 week
Web Development
Responsive Web App
My Role
Sketches, Wireframes, Front-End Development, Back-End Development
Tools Used
Sketch, VS Code


We had around a week to build a full-stack responsive web app platform.

Our project was for two types of users:

  1. musicians to build tours and contact venues.
  2. venues to book musicians.
This was our first full-stack application we built, using a Node js server running with Express, MongoDB database, and dynamic rendering with Handlebars js.

Deployed with Heroku.

Main Features

Musician users:

  • Build tours that go to many cities
  • See venues available in each city
  • Contact venues and confirm gigs

Venue users:

  • See tours that have planned tour stops in city
  • Contact tours
  • Book tours for venue

Technologies Used

  • HTML, CSS, Javascript ES6
  • Node js
  • Express js
  • MongoDB
  • Handlebars
  • Bootstrap